In common: Bella Hadid joins Madonna and Fetterman

A month ago I wrote a post about similarities in charts of the politician and pop-star.

Recently I came across another chart has same energies in one more chart that belongs to a supermodel Bella Hadid.

Virgo Moon-Venus conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter aspects brought to Bella’s life hard work and ability to accumulate public attention and turn it into wealth.

And just like Madonna Hadid has her South Node (past life experiences) is Aries in the 8th House (sexuality as a source of getting into some collective resources) and Lilith (extreme talent or distortion) affecting Aries (leadership, entrepreneurship, sexuality, body, activity). Bella’s Mars (ruler of Aries) is in the 12th House – being a model gave her opportunity to express her creativity (Mars in Leo) by hiding behind clothing she demonstrates.

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