Reddit case: why I overdo apology?

Question: What is in my chart makes me want to overdo apologies? Like I don’t believe I will be forgiven if I don’t go overboard.

Astrology explains:

I believe no one placement can explain behavioral patterns, but a combination of a few can:

  • South Node is Aquarius: life mission is to learn Leo traits, including putting your own interests and fun above everyone else feeling or judgment;
  • South Node is 1st House: life mission is to figure out how to be an adequate part of partnership;
  • Sun in conjunction with Jupiter in Aries and with Pluto aspect: could develop a desire to be perfect/ideal and if that is not happening (you understand you did something wrong) all Aries/Scorpio aggressive energy turns toward yourself to punish for a mistake (Lilith in Scorpio adds to the weird manifestation of the sign;
  • Not having limits on apologies: retrograde Mercury in Pisces, Sun in aspect with Pisces, Venus (your ideal understanding of relationships) in aspect with Neptune – a lot of Pisces influence your personality, so it’s hard to stop when you think you’re guilty, words will just be pouring out of your mouth without your conscious will. Plus Lilith has an aspect with Mercure which adds confusion to Mercury functions;
  • Moon is Gemini: everything that affects Mercury affects Moon (your unconscious self and your idea about how the world works).

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