Natal chart manifestation: Trevor Milton and Mark Schena

As media reports, a fraud trial for Trevor Milton, the founder of electric truck company Nikola Motors, the third-largest auto company in the US in 2020 with a $33 billion market value, begins with the selection of a jury. Prosecutors say he lured retail investors with lies about the company’s technology.

Milton’s story sounds similar to Mike Schena’s who was accused of lying to investors about a non-existent invention and who was recently found guilty of all counts by the jury.

Although industries are different, the main component of the crime in both cases is the same – lying about technology. So, what do these two businessmen share from an astrology point of view?

The unconscious self (Moon) is very down-to-Earth and practical at the first glance due to Earth Moon sings. Their past life experiences include Capricorn activity and mindset. That helps to build businesses but is not suitable for lying. Suns are in conjunction with Mercury (hello technology) and have aspects with Mars (leadership) and Saturn (self-discipline and ability to create systems). All that explains why Melton and Schena were able to start and grow their companies. Where is lying coming from?

Attitude to the world and unconscious understanding of how it functions (Moon) has a strong Pisces vibe (Moon-Neptune aspect with Lilith in the same sign with Neptune) which resulted in a belief that truth is not necessarily the way to build success and gain wealth. That outlook is supported by financial appetite and aspiration (Venus) which are connected to world finances (Venus under Pisces’ influence) and measuring being cool by the amount of money raised (Venus under influence of Sagittarius and Uranus).

The most intriguing part of the stories is for both men big problems came at the age close to 37/57 when the Universe helps people to go back on track with their life mission. For both guys, Cancer is the vibe they came to experience in this life. And managing companies with huge budgets don’t suit this path. Now they will have to face and explore their emotions and feeling without career (Capricorn) interruption.

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