Reddit case: addiction caused by depressive episodes

Question: Currently stuck in my life, with issues due to addiction caused by my depressive episodes and emotional instability. I would like help with my chart reading so I can understand myself better.

Astrological perspective

The unconscious and emotional self (Moon) is in Taurus, so one can think you’re pretty emotionally stable and oriented toward the material side of life rather than feelings. But Moon has an opposition with Pluto, which brings a strong Scorpio vibe that can lead to unconscious fears and periods of despair.

There are two points of natural release of the fears in the chart and both are related to Pisces energy. One is Neptune-Uranus conjunction and the other is Venus in the 12th House. That’s why the easiest way to deal with depressive moods is to get detached from scary reality by using addictive substances. Moon-Uranus aspect can also add anxiety that seems to be “cured” when you escape the real world.

Additionally functioning of the Moon sign Taurus is distorted by Lilith, so it may be difficult to understand yourself, your own emotions, and your needs.

And for you, it’s very important to connect to your inner self because Moon-Pluto opposition is double by Lunar Nodes. It means your life mission is to learn how to handle Scorpio energy and make it work for your benefit.

If you’re interested to know more about Scorpio energy and what it means to Moon, please feel free to read my free practical astrology guide “How to stop worrying with the help of astrology”.

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