In common: Blood con artists

Last week Mark Schena was convicted for engaging in a scheme to defraud investors by claiming that he had invented revolutionary technology to test for virtually any disease using only a few drops of blood. Sounds familiar? Of course, the infamous Elizabeth Holmes comes to mind right away. What’s these blood con artists have in common apart from a failure?

Moon-Neptune-Pluto triangles with Lilith affect Moon via aspects: the unconscious inner world is full of Pisces and Scorpio energies which can manifest as lying and manipulation. But why is it related to money?

Moon has aspects with Venus in the Earth sign which may add anxiety if substantial material resources are not handy. In addition, Holmes’ Venus (attitude to money and ideal level of income) is in conjunction with Jupiter (multiplier) and Neptune (global finances) – financial appetite is big and hard to satisfy because of Pisce’s vague nature. Schena on the other hand has 4 planets in Taurus – Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury, so a huge part of his personality depends on financial wellbeing or another way of keeping a lot of resources in control.

What made them constantly active in pursuing wealth? Both Suns have aspects with Mars (activity, entrepreneurship, leadership) and Saturn (long-term efforts, building companies).

Holmes became successful at a young age, Schena was proclaimed the “Father of Microarrays” at a relatively young age, when he was 38. That may be due to the South Nodes placements in Sagitarrius (Holmes) and Capricorn (Schena). Skills and talents for leadership, rising fast, and being on top were familiar to Elizabeth and Mark from previous lives.

But why blood? We’re going back to Neptune and Pisces’ influence because they rule the flow of liquids in the body, including blood.

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