Reddit case – I always see people’s weaknesses

Question: why do I so easily see people’s weaknesses?? It happens quickly too – normally after minutes of conversation, and sometimes just by observing them in a social situation… I just know their weak points automatically, it’s kind of not fun.

Astrology perspective:

There is no single placement that can explain behavioral patterns in my opinion. Here are some thoughts about what can “cause” the pursuit of people’s weaknesses.

  • Emotional state and feeling safe (Moon) depend on others (Moon-Venus conjunction), that’s why you pay attention to people’s behavior in general.
  • It also has Pisces influence via aspect with Neptune, so you can “read” people to anticipate what to expect so you can be prepared. This skill most likely was polished by you in previous lives (Neptune-South Node conjunction. And if you haven’t rectified the chart, the South Node may move into the 7th House – interactions with people, after finding out the right time.)
  • Scorpio touch via Pluto-Moon conjunction help to analyze people’s behavior, especially with the focus on weaknesses, because one of the Scorpio traits is manipulation. – Sun (self-identity) in Capricorn with Saturn aspect “likes” to have control over everything. Knowing people’s behavior helps a lot with controlling.
  • There are a lot of placements in Sagittarius, including Lilith. That may manifest through the constant judgment and condemnation of others (and yourself). You think what you see is people’s weakness, but it easily can be an advantage or skill at the same time.

Why has your soul chosen to have this “set up”? Probably to help with a life mission – experiencing Leo, and finding yourself based on your knowledge of others.

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