Natal chart manifestation: I didn’t hesitate to catch my partner cheating

The story “Found out last weekend that my partner has been cheating on me. I felt a bit off for about a month now and when an opportunity presented itself to me to catch him lying I didn’t hesitate. Feeling shitty and seeking some assurance that things will be okay. I really thought he was the one.”

Astrology perspective.

Pisces influencing Moon is often manifest by a choice of a partner that has the potential to cheat because people don’t have any other ways for Pisces to fit into their lives. The risk of getting a not truthful partner is especially high for those with Moon in the 7th House because a relationship is a way the world reflects a person’s identity.

What’s interesting though, people with just Pisces vibes tend to ignore all signs and even tons of evidence of cheating because they don’t want to let go of Pisces sensations. 

But if Moon is influenced both by Pisces and Scorpio, a person will do their best to find out the truth and suffer from it a lot. The reason is Scorpio may manifest through research and pain.

Read once again the story and you’ll get a great description of how Pisces and Scorpio energies work together.

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