Reddit case: manic episode of bipolar disorder

Question: Coming to terms with a bipolar diagnosis I received in summer of 2020 after a second manic episode this year. Is there anything in my chart that indicates those hospitalizations or stability moving forward?

Astrological perspective.

Often the bipolar disorder is a manifestation of Aquarius energy with some Pisces influence.

It’s hard to tell something for sure without the rectified chart, but here are some thoughts:

  • natal Sun (in the 12th House – Pisces; aspects with Uranus and Neptune – another Aquarius/Pisces influence) and Moon (in Leo=influenced by Sun) have aspect with Lilith (can play out similar to Pisces) in Aquarius
  • in directions 6th House (hospital) conjunct Pluto, activating the whole Pluto-Sun-Neptune/Uranus natal configuration (natural point of Pluto-Sun opposition (fears and despair) is Neptune/Uranus conjunction (escaping reality)
  • in transits, Uranus has been making conjunction with Venus in the 12th House (Pisces) which is your Sun ruler.

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