Lilith in Cancer – tips how to benefit

Did you notice there have been a lot of weird stupid fatal accidents lately? Since the middle of April this year Lilith is in Cancer – people are much more close to their unconscious fears and desires than usual. Feelings are deeper and harder to express in a way that’s not hurtful to yourself and others. 

Lilith stays in Cancer till the beginning of January 2023. Here are some ideas on how to benefit from the connection with the unconscious mind:

  • Don’t be hard on yourself;
  • Don’t let negative feelings accumulate – release anger (do some physical exercises/energetic movements), sadness (watch a romantic movie), self-pity (take time to have a good cry), and so on;
  • Think about the feelings you often have – what causes them; whether they are more related to people or situations, or both; whether they pass quickly; what you think is the real reason (and remember – do not reproach yourself, do not blame yourself for anything, now is not the time). 
  • The best way to reflect is to simply write down all thoughts and let them work their magic on paper, outside of your mind and body.
  • Spend more time with those who live in the moment and need to be cared for – children, pets, and the elderly. Nature is also a good way to reconnect with your true self, but only if you feel good about getting out into nature.

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