Reddit case: Is there a reason I’m only “popular” locally?

Question: Is there a reason I’m only “popular” locally? How can I spread my influence and audience? (Music, Speech, Jokes? I’d really appreciate specifics if possible)

Astrological perspective:

Your South Node is in the 3rd House (past lives involved experience of interaction with people on the same level) and your life mission is to get experience 9th House experience – of being known as an icon, guru, and influencer. 

A couple of thoughts on how to spread the influence:

– Moon has a lot of influence on the chart due to its nature and multiple aspects. Hard aspects are with Saturn, Pluto, and Sun: it may play out as unconscious fear of being famous that you don’t even realize. If you will add these energies to your life, especially in areas of Moon functions (at home, eating, relaxing) it’ll help to feed the need and you’ll be more free to go for what you want;

– 1st House ruler is Venus in Leo, 11th House with Uranus opposition: to be noticed you have to look like a bit crazy person (Aquarius) that likes to have a lot of fun and enjoys people’s attention (Leo). That is in contradiction with your Sun placement in 12th House and Virgo. I would suggest trying using a stage name/personality – that suits both Pisces and Aquarius vibes and, in a way Virgo (you are aware that the person that acts in public is not you and your mask is a tool to achieve the goals you want).

Link to the case:

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