Reddit case: why I struggle with forming romantic relationships?

Struggle with romantic relationships is pretty often a result of need for something else that is achieved by not having relationships.

Question: Any insight as to why I struggle with forming romantic relationships? 

Astrological perspective:

“The problem” is Moon-Uranus conjunction in Pisces in the 11th House – you see the world as a place to belong to something that is bigger than humanity (Pisces) and to the humankind as an intellectual community (Aquarius). And what’s outside is inside (that’s – you, your inner self).

If you don’t get this Pisces/Aquarius experience anywhere else, it’ll manifest via relationships, especially because relationships are big part of your world picture as well (Moon-Venus opposition). And Pisces/Aquarius relationships are more about intellectual and spiritual connection which doesn’t necessary involve what people usually mean by love and relationships.

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