Reddit case: self hatred

Question: Can anyone tell me why I hate myself so much?

Astrological perspective. Hate usually comes from judgment (Sagittarius) and some long-term passion (Scorpio) about this condemnation. Will we find these energies in the chart?

  • Hatred is a state well known from past lives (South Node is in Scorpio).
  • The world seems like a pretty condemning place (Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter = Sagittarius energy) and what’s outside (the world) is inside (yourself);
  • Self-esteem/identity is hard to find, understand and accept – Sun in conjunction with Venus with Lilith and North Node in Taurus;
  • Family/place of birth seems like some aliens that impossible to understand because they have a very different energy – Moon/Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in 10th House in the opposition to Uranus in the 4th House.

How to turn self hatred in something positive? In this particular case – surround yourself with Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius energies.

Link to the case:

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