Reddit case: recently quit long-term culinary career, what to do next?

Question: I recently quit my culinary career of 10 years. I haven’t a clue what to do with myself. I’ve had several money making ideas but nothing feels like passion. I feel like a sad sack. anything stick out?

Astrological perspective.

Sun-Jupiter-Moon conjunction in Taurus the 10th House with Pluto and Neptune aspects can give a hint.

Sagittarius (Jupiter) energy is about expansion (geographically – connection to foreign/exotic countries/cultures or intellectually – think of influencers); elite/wow experience; expertise/being a guru, mentor, consultant.

Scorpio (Pluto) energy is about accumulation and transformation of materials things/energy – investments, insurance, sexual/spiritual/energy practices; ancient cultures; large crowds; rescuing the last moment.

Taurus and Capricorn (10th House) are both about material things, structure, management, saving material resources, beauty – jewelry, brands with history/reputation, real estate, and architecture.

Pisces (Neptune) – illusions, spirituality, art, nature, high-end alcohol and cuisine, chemistry, charity.

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