Reddit case: personal crisis, hate all of my life decisions.

Question: I am seemingly in a personal crisis. I hate all of my life decisions. I can not find a job I want nor am I happy with my interpersonal relationships. Why is this?

Astrological perspective.

You have Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury in Capricorn – it’s the energy of Earth, structure, matter, management, being self-contained; and your Moon is in the 12th House in Gemini with South Node in Gemini as well – those energies of Water and Air, they are about adaptability, being dependent on others and so on. In addition, your Moon is in opposition with the Venus-Mars-Mercury conjunction (there is not enough experience from previous lives on how to connect mind and emotions).

If you’re trying to live relying on your mind and doing what “is right” it may conflict with your unconscious understanding of the world and yourself.

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