Reddit case: lack of motivation

Question: What placements might point to a lack of motivation? I can have trouble focusing on one thing to be passionate about, they all seem equally appealing and I end up drowning in possibilities. Even when I’m not depressed I have trouble with the “long game” or working towards achievements that have meaning, even focusing on relationships is difficult.

Astrological perspective.

In my experience, several indicators always work for one behavioral model.

Incapability to concentrate on something for a long time:

– Moon – Saturn opposition (routine may feel uncomfortable/not safe) with Mercury (multiple) – Mars (actions) conjunction in 10th House (stable pattern) in Sagittarius with Jupiter aspect (even more actions because Sag is about scaling everything or no desire to do things that don’t feel cool, desire to get big results very fast) as a natural point of release of the opposition.

– Sun in the 11th House (nothing about routine/long-term efforts) in Saturn with North Node conjunction (life mission could be to learn how to become successful by applying Capricorn traits – discipline, long-term vision, planning, step-by-step till getting things done).

– Venus-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio – earning money may feel like a really hard, long-term labor, nothing comes without an effort and Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun (due to the 11th House and lack of internal Capricorn talents) are not about labor at all.

I would recommend not to fight with your own nature because it always wins, but embrace the skills and talents that you have. Find an activity that will have Leo, Aquarius, Pisces (Saturn is in the 12th House), and Gemini vibes: something to be in public sights, work with many clients, have constant changes in your routine, do creative/art/spiritual stuff.

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