Reddit case: sudden breakup

Question: I have been struggling with a very sudden break up for 2 months. Is there any good sign that things will get better for me? or any sign that shows why i always struggle at relationships?

Astrological perspective:

Moon is who you are in general and what the world is like for you and in your chart it’s also the ruler of the 7th House (relationships).

Moon is Sagittarius with Jupiter aspect – a lot of Sagittarius influence, so you’re trying to be ideal, looking for an ideal partners and relationships. Moon in the 12th House (Pisces) with South Node in Pisces – may manifest as falling for partners that are not available so you can stay alone and feel like a victim.

Moon has an aspect with Mercury in conjunction with North Node – it may be difficult to process and understand what’s going on and why because Virgo qualities (recognition, sorting, understanding) are new to you.

Moon has aspect with Capricorn – that may manifest in being stuck in your behavioral patterns and going for the same experience whether it’s good or not.

Guys you’re attracted to is your Sun in Leo (may manifest as selfish guys) with Uranus opposition (guys with not a lot of care and empathy, with anxious mind and need for new adventures all the time) and Pluto trine (people enjoy sexual side of relationships, but maybe not involved on a personal level).

To make things with relationships better, I would suggest to fill your life with Pisces, Sagittarius energy so there is no need for these energies to manifest through relationships.

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