Reddit case: how to become independent

A very interesting case about mixture of Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius and Aquarius energy.

Question: I was homeschooled, no GED, no job, no car, had to contribute to taking care of family because my mother took on the matriarch role. How to become independent person with regular stable life?

Astrological perspective:

There is a lot of Scorpio (8th House stellium, South Node in conjunction with Pluto, Ascendant in Scorpio) and Pisces influence (Moon in Pisces with Lilith conjunction, Sun-Neptune aspect). That may explain being an exploited (Scorpio) victim (Pisces).

Family life (4th House) is full of Aquarius energy, which may manifest as unusual lifestyle with not a lot of empathy and warmth.

You can’t get rid of all these energies because they’re part of your personality and life, but you can fill your life with them your way.

Scorpio rules your Ascendant and sits in the 2nd House (money you earn with your own efforts), so I would suggest to consider energy practices (qigong, intense yoga), intense physical exercises at one place (not running or cycling), sexual practices, ancient martial art with some code of honor (Pluto in conjunction with South Node in Sagittarius).

Moon with Pisces and Lilith influence is in the 5th House, so you can think of some hobbies that involve Pisces energy – illusions of any kind, like visual art, pretending you’re someone else (use stage name/created personality to do fun stuff), magician tricks, anything relating to nature and volunteering, chemistry.

One more way to try to become independent is to use Sagittarius energy because you’ve got your 2nd House in Sagittarius with Sun-Jupiter aspect. Sagittarius is about being an expert/mentor/guru, values, everything exotic/foreign, influencing people’s views and lifestyle.

And to make life at home a bit less crazy you can try to put some Aquarius elements at home. If interested – read Aquarius chapter in my free astrology guide.

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