Luck for rising Taurus

If nothing happens to you, but you’d like to embrace new opportunities, new people, and new offers, look at your 1st House. Perhaps you don’t look and act the way you need to be noticed by the universe, by the people around you.

Taurus ascendant (rising Taurus) or Venus in Earth/Fire signs (Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn) in the 1st House.

Nothing new comes to your life if you are: If you are fidgety, anxious, assertive, don’t value comfort and having supplies/savings, chatty, wear uncommon/cheap/uncomfortable clothes. 

How to attract luck:

1. Image/appearance:

  • comfortable, convenient and nice looking clothes;
  • brands with a long history, known for quality;
  • pink, green earthy colors;
  • wear/own jewelry/bags that can be considered an investment;

2. Behavior:

  • make savings/profitable, but not risky investments like real estate, ;
  • looking for deals;
  • manner of speaking – firm, reasonable, calm:
  • act like a person with wealth and a habit of comfort;
  • make profitable but not risky investments – for example, in real estate, government securities, art, accessories.

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