Reddit case: Even the idea of dating affects my mental health pretty badly

Question: I struggle a LOT with opening myself up to – even the idea of- dating. It’s starting to affect my mental health pretty badly. Any insights on when things might start to get better?

Astrological perspective:

Things usually don’t get better on their own, you need to change something to shift things to a more productive way.

5th House shows what dating and romance are like. You’ve got Moon in Aquarius in aspects with half of the chart. That’s a lot of different energies combined in a way that you’re not familiar with. And because it involves Moon, I would guess overall you may struggle with anxiety and fears.

7th House (partnerships) rulers are Mars and Pluto are both in squares with Moon. It may bring the unconscious feeling that any relationships are a threat to your safety and if you’ll get in touch with a potential boyfriend you’ll lose your resources (Pluto in the 2nd House) or even life (Mars in the 8th House).

To get rid of fears and sense of danger I would suggest bringing the energies of Pluto and Mars to your home. That will eliminate the need to attract those energies via fears of potential partnerships.

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