Reddit case: why do I have terrible anxiety and OCD?

Anxiety is very often a manifestation of some air signs, especially Aquarius. Here is an interesting case from Reddit.

Question: Any idea why I have so much trouble making friends/relationships if I have 11H Venus? Or why I have terrible anxiety and OCD?

Astrology perspective:

OCD and anxiety are probably a manifestation of Moon with Uranus and Mercury aspects: your world needs to be constantly changing for you to feel safe. Sun in conjunction with Mercury adds air in your self-identity, so a lot of small movements of everything feels validating.

Venus in the 11th House is how you would like friendship to be, but actual friends and enemies are Mercury – the ruler of the 7th House. Mercury is in 9th House (has Sag energy), has aspects with Sun, Neptune, and Saturn. If you’re not in a good shape energy and emotions wise, your friends can be very selfish (Sun), deceitful (Neptune), controlling/behaving like parents (Saturn), or just think that you don’t deserve their friendship because they’re so cool (Sag).

My advice would be to organize your home life the way it has all signs that influence your Moon, so you will feel safe.

Link to the case:

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