Luck for rising Aries

If nothing happens to you, but you’d like to embrace new opportunities, new people, new offers, look at your 1st House. Perhaps you don’t look and act the way you need to be noticed by the universe, by the people around you.

Aries ascendant (rising Aries) or Mars in the 1st House.

Nothing new comes to your life if you are: modest/shy; always and in everything act according to plan; play the role of a follower – wait for someone else to start, invite, organize; waiting for someone to join you to start doing something; do not act straightforwardly, but beat around the bush; teach others how to live, instead of acting on your own / yourself; don’t wear anything sporty, red, sexy, provocative in any way.

How to attract luck:

1. Image/appearance:

  • sporty, military elements in style;
  • bright shades of red/khaki;
  • leave uncovered parts of the body;
  • jewelry – iron, sharp, weapon-like, sting-like

2. Behavior:

  • take on the role of a leader, initiator, pioneer;
  • talk less, do more;
  • manner of speaking – briefly, to the point, assertively, in the form of orders;
  • use your hands to do things like crafts, massages and so on;
  • do sports where there is a fight, or a lot of pieces of iron;
  • organize life so that there are many things that can be done in a short time, with a little effort;
  • drive traditional fast vehicles – motorcycles, mopeds, karts, take extreme driving courses.

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