Roe v. Wade overturning supporters

Here are natal charts of a few people who got on the news because they welcomed the Supreme Court decision that the constitutional right to abortion no longer exists:

To understand what’s behind people’s choices regarding abortions, you need to look at Moon and Venus, two planets, related to women and giving birth.

All of the above have something in common. Moon and Venus in their natal charts are influenced by one of the following signs:

  • Scorpio (manifestation includes transformations, suffering, fears, and no right to live with joy);
  • Aries (manifestation includes fight, pressure, anger, aggression);
  • Sagittarius (manifestation includes expansion, taking the right to establish what’s good/bad, right/wrong for others);
  • Capricorn (manifestation includes hierarchy, ruling, making decisions for others).

Five out of six have a strong Scorpio and Aries impact on how these people see women and their lives.

And we see no sympathy, empathy, or compassion towards women in all these people’s natal charts. That’s just it.

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