Astrology explains the likeability

Alicia Menendez is the author of “The Likability Trap: How to Break Free and Succeed as You Are” book. In the interview she says: “I am a person who cares very much about being well liked. I think there are a number of reasons for that. I am a Cancer” followed by other reasons why Alicia thinks she wants to be liked. Putting being a Cancer is very interesting for an astrologer, so let’s dive into Alicia’s natal chart and find out if a Cancer is a reason for her attraction to the likeability. 

So, Alicia’s Sun (self-identity, personality, ego) is in Cancer, which among other things means that it’s influenced by Cancer’s ruler Moon, especially because her Sun, as a part of Cancer stellium (Sun-Mars-Mercury conjunction), has an aspect with Moon.

And Moon is full of Pisces vibes: it’s in Pisces, with Neptune(Pisces ruler)-South Node conjunction (Pisces were a big part of Alicia’s past life experiences) square.  

Neither Cancer nor Pisces is about likeability. They’re water signs that don’t “like” conflicts, but they’re not about making others like you. 

Alicia’s sense of safety, the way she sees the world (Moon), and self-identity (Sun) are influenced by Pisces (strong connection to what’s unseen) and Gemini (transmitting the knowledge). I think that played a big part in her authorship of the book. She needs to be connected to something that is bigger than humankind, something that is not proven by science, can’t be seen, or measured, but still has a presence in people’s lives (Pisces). At the same time just being connected is not enough for Alicia, she needs to understand how this connection works and let others know what she’s discovered (Gemini). 

So, where is likeability “lives” in Alicia’s chart? In Venus (female self-representation, image in public eyes). It’s in Leo (the sign that needs to show its individuality) with aspects from the Pluto-Saturn conjunction (making people play by your own rules and for your own sake) and Neptune we talked about earlier. 

Here Neptune’s sign Pisces, in combination with Leo, Capricorn, and Scorpio (Neptune is a part of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto configuration) can manifest more like a desire to be an ideal woman (Neptune-South Node connection is in Sagittarius) which can be satisfied by other people likes.  

If you’d like to understand why you like to be liked, don’t look at Cancer in your natal chart. Find out what signs like Leo and Libra influence your life.

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