Reddit case: hair loss at 20 years old.

Question: I’m facing hair loss at 20. And I’m really conscious about it. Since the last 3-4 years, I’ve noticed that I place more importance on my looks and aesthetics than anything else. Losing my hair almost makes me feel like losing my childhood and makes me kind of hate myself!? 

Astrology perspective.

3-4 years ago your directional Sun-Mercury conjunction (self-esteem, identity) arrived at the cusp of the 7th House (public), so it became important for you how others see you, and what is your public image. 2 years ago directional Lilith began to conjunct your natal Sun-Mercury, so it may be not that easy to understand who you are. Hair is affected because it is related to Mercury (Venus is more the whole appearance and image) and you’ve got Sun-Mercury in the 6th House (signified by Mercury), so hair is one of the indicators of your self-esteem.

I would say a hair problem is related to how you feel about yourself also because the Sun-Mercury conjunction has a lot of aspects with other planets so your self-esteem is extremely important for everything in your life. I don’t know if you realize that you’ve got a lot of ambitions and not achieving goals that are cool in your opinion may cause deep dissatisfaction with yourself and maybe even hair loss as unconscious “self-punishment”. Here is another thing that “votes” for this scenario: Pluto in Sag in the 2nd House with conjunction to South Node – scrutinize yourself (Pluto) via hurting appearance (2nd House=Venus) because you’re not cool (Sag) in earning money/getting to use other’s people resources (2nd House) is familiar from previous lives.

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