Reddit case: lately been using drugs and drinking.

Question: I want to help myself do better, feel better, be better, lately been using drugs and drinking, Just seeking something you could advise, what should I do and what’s up whit me what can I do, anything really that could give me some sort of clarity.

Astrology perspective.

Drugs and drinking are related to Pisces’ energy. In your chart, Pisces ruler Neptune is a point of natural release of a huge amount of energy accumulated by the interaction between Scorpio, Aries, and Sagittarius energies affecting your self-esteem and self-identity (Sun in conjunction with Jupiter in the 8th House with oppositions to Pluto and Mars). 

It may manifest via desire (conscious or unconscious) to be cool (Sagittarius), powerful (Scorpio), and spreading a masculine vibe (Aries) in areas of earning money/being resourceful (2nd House) or having access to other people’s resources/sex (8th House). If you don’t feel enough assertive, entrepreneurial problem solver you may use alcohol and drugs to forget and not think about it (Pisces “switch off” your mind a bit, so you don’t think when you’re drunk/high). 

Your South Node and Moon are in Capricorn, so you may be not that adaptive to changes and tend to stick to some behavioral patterns that worked for you in the past, but are useless in new circumstances. 

Mercury in retrograde (mind that works not in a usual, straightforward way) with Mars, Uranus, and Jupiter aspects doesn’t help with clarity because Uranus gives a lot of speed to thinking, so it may be difficult to concentrate; Jupiter pushed to look and pay attention to the big things that need to be achieved fast (Mars) which are not always possible. 

I would suggest bringing Scorpio, Aries, and Sagittarius energy to your Sun-related activities (hobbies, doing what feels fun). You can do all these things with your friends (Sun is in Gemini with Mercury aspect), with a coach/trainer (Sun-Jupiter conjunction), or on your own not telling anybody (Sun in the 8th House). 

Here are some ideas about the activities:

  • – Jupiter – anything foreign, teaching others/becoming an expert, exotic, anything huge or cool;
  • – Scorpio – sex, spirituality, investing, rescuing, ancient knowledge, vampires, gothic, death, research;
  • – Aries – sports that involve one-on-one fight/competition, motorbike, opening your own business, iron, doing things with your hands, a lot of activity in general.

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