Reddit case: Lost a sibling, a parent, and a long-term relationship in the past year.


Lost a sibling, a parent, and a long-term relationship in the past year. I’m feeling really beat down by life right now. Are there any indicators in my chart that point to good or bad choices in the future to make/avoid?

Astrology perspective:

Loss of parent and relationship – that seems like the result of Neptune (the ruler of the 8th House) affecting the 5th House (parent) and 7th House (relationships) in directions. 5th House is also affected by Lilith which in the natal chart is placed in the 4th House (family) and is in Scorpio (transformation through death).

Loss of a sibling usually is not seen in prognosis, but if your sibling stayed at a hospital it may be Mercury (sibling) – 6th House (hospital) conjunction in the directions. And Sun in the natal chart is close enough to the 8th House, so the sibling loss may be shown in the directions thought Sun aspects with the 3rd House (sibling) and the 4 House (family).

And as for choices, I would suggest thinking about Pisces and Aquarius energy that should be present in your Moon (sense of safety, comfort, home environment, food) and Sun (ego, self-esteem, identity, having fun) functions/activities due to Moon/Sun placement and aspect with Neptune-Uranus conjunction. If you don’t have those energies in your life they’ll manifest themselves through events you may be not happy about. Especially because Pisces is ruled by Neptune which has a connection to the 8th House in your natal chart.

Also, I would pay attention to the Pluto-Lilith conjunction in the 4th House. Your family life and home should include some Pluto and Lilith energy otherwise it can manifest as sad events again.

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