Reddit case: I can’t sleep & I am continuing to have panic attacks.


Please help. I can’t sleep & I am continuing to have panic attacks. I know the lack of sleep is only making this worse. Life is so heavy right now & my mind can get into such a rabbit hole. Please if you know anything that I could do to help my life, that would mean a lot. Pls, any advice would help.

Astrology perspective:

Lack of sleep is most likely related to you not feeling safe (Moon) on the unconscious level. You have a lot of energies influencing your Moon and all its functions, including sleep, eating, feeling safe and comfortable, perceive the world as a nice, safe place. Moon is affected by Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Aries, and Lilith through Moon’s aspects; by Pisces through the Moon’s 12th House placement. 

Sleep and panic attacks are related to your body (1st House) as well. You’ve got Aquarius, Pisces, and supposedly Capricorn energies impacting your body with Capricorn affected by Lilith. 

Mind is also a participant in issues you’re experiencing, so we need to look at Mercury. Mercury is in Scorpio, in conjunction with Venus, and aspect with Uranus in Aquarius (due to Venus-Mercury conjunction). Aspect with Uranus gives a connection between what you think and what your body sense and vice versa. Mercury-Venus conjunction may work as a disruption of functions of these planets, for example, when it’s time to enjoy or to make a choice (Venus) you think about something bad/threatening (Mercury in Scorpio). 

Mercury-Venus conjunction also affects your Sun (personality, identity) and your Mars (actions, activity) because Sun is in Libra and Mars is in Virgo. Both Sun and Mars are related to the 8th House (Mars is close enough to the cusp of the 8th House) and have aspects with Pluto which doubles Scorpio’s influence on those two planets.

If to take into consideration everything I mentioned, I would recommend checking if you have the following energies in respective areas of your life:

  • Pisces, Gemini, and Aquarius (Capricorn with Lilith influence manifests more like an Aquarius than Capricorn) when you eat, sleep, relax (Moon), and exercise/do other activities related to your body and when you take an initiative (1st House);
  • Scorpio energy when you have fun and do things to feel good about yourself (Sun), start new things, be active, having sex (Mars);
  • Scorpio energy when you think, learn, communicate (Mercury), and earn/save money, in a relationship/partnership (Venus).

All these energies can manifest as bad sleep and panic attacks if you don’t have them in your life in some other way. 

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