Reddit case: why do I need to work hard to feel I deserve things?

Here is a good illustration of how Scorpio energy works when it manifests in the Sagittarius realm (moral, ethics, what’s right, and what’s wrong).


I believe that I don’t deserve anything unless I worked pretty hard to get it. Which annoys me sometimes. Thoughts?

Astrology perspective: 

I would say it’s Scorpio’s influence:

  • – South Node is in Scorpio (hard work) and its ruler Pluto is in the 9th House (moral, what’s right or wrong), so working hard to deserve something is a familiar pattern from past lives;
  • – Moon has aspects with Pluto and Saturn (another hard-working planet) – you see the world as a place where hard work is a part of a game;
  • – Sun has an aspect with Pluto, so when you work hard your self-esteem go higher;
  • – Sun-Moon opposition (a lot of energy between your safety and identity) has Pluto as the natural release point (working hard is a way to connect your comfort zone and fun);
  • – Venus (feel of satisfaction) has an aspect with Pluto, so you may not recognize some things unless they are pretty intense for a long time. Venus is also in the 12th House, so satisfaction and the way you make choices are influenced by Pisces known for the trance effect (the mind doesn’t have much to say in the activity). And Lilith, the queen of distortion and confusion, is in Taurus (ruled by Venus) in the 1st House – it adds difficulty to understanding when to stop working hard.

And also Sun is in Aries, in the 1st House, and has an aspect with Mars – it’s like triple Aries influence on your ego, personality, identity, and body. Hard to relax when you have so much energy.

Link to the case:

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