Reddit case: incredibly depressed for years with no end in sight.


Been incredibly depressed for years and it honestly feels like there’s no end in sight. Developing symptoms of BPD, almost zero friends left, my father cheated & had a baby, and my current relationship is falling apart. What are these transits affecting me and when will it get better?

Astrology perspective:

Depression, cheating, no hope – that looks like a Scorpio+Pisces mix:

  • The Moon (sense of safety) is in Scorpio in the 6th House (struggles as a routine) with the 10th House Neptune aspect (order of things is just an illusion, there is no logic or structure in life you can rely on). Plus, Lilith is in Cancer affecting Moon, Cancer’s ruler, in aspect with Moon – it’s like an additional layer of Pisces energy influencing your world.
  • Sun (identity/father’s figure), Mercury (mind), and Venus (female self-presentation, relationship with money, choosing partners) are in Pisces – welcome to slow pace, no clarity, everything is not what it seems;
  • Mercury has an aspect with Pluto, so the mind can stick to the darker tones in explaining reality.

BDP probably also has roots in the above-mentioned indicators infused with Aquarius energy (constant rapid change, it’s difficult to connect to your own feelings and understand others, desire to run away from problems).

Empty friend list – Pisces+Aquarius energy in your Moon and Sun most likely, can manifest as an unconscious need to be alone and distant.

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