Reddit case: suffer or be alone?

Question: I’ve only ever been in relationships with people who are really mean to me. I’ve never had a healthy happy relationship. Is this, or just dying alone, my only 2 options, if you can glean that from a chart?

Astrological perspective.

My guess would be you don’t have enough Pisces (being alone) and Pluto (suffer, being a subject of aggression) energies in your life. And both of these energies influence your Moon (sense of safety) and Venus (relationships) through aspects with Neptune, Pluto, and Mars (in Scorpio).

My idea is also supported by the facts:

  • South Node is in the 12th House (circumstances of Pisces including being alone) are very familiar to you;
  • Venus is very close to the cusp of the 7th House (so it’s both rules phycological side of the relationship from your side and the actual relationships you have);
  • Sun (self-esteem and self-identification, your personality) is in Cancer, so whatever influences your Moon affects your sense of self.

I would recommend feeding the need for Neptune and Scorpio’s presence in your life to feel safe and attractive to potential partners so they don’t need to manifest via two types of relationships you don’t want.

Link to the Reddit case:

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