Reddit case: why I am extremely shy?

Question: I’m shy, like extremely shy and it’s unhealthy. Could you explain why based on my birth chart?

Astrology perspective.

A possible reason is Pisces’ influence. Your Moon “feels safe” when there is some Pisces energy (Moon-Neptune aspect; Moon in Libra with Libra’s ruler Venus in Pisces and the 12 House – double Pisces) involved in your interactions with others (Moon is in the 7th House).
Additionally, Lilith is in the Taurus, ruled by Venus, so Venus which impacts your Moon is affected by Lilith, which also can bring confusion and not knowing how to communicate with other people.

Pisces energy is related to secrets and playing roles. Try to interact with others like it’s not you, but someone else. You can start with internet communication – Neptune is in the 11th House. You can also join virtual groups that are involved in Pisces subjects – nature, mystery, spirituality, charity, and so on. Get the experience of interacting with people in these groups under a pseudonym. You’ll develop the skills necessary for interactions and it’ll be less scary.

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Link to the case:

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