Reddit case: why do I want to be an actress so bad?

Our desires, behavior patterns, and issues never depend on one natal chart placement. Energies in different areas of life support each other to create a whole identity. Here is a great example from Reddit.

“No matter how much I try to convince myself of going into a regular career to have stability and decent money, I still can’t escape my desire to become an actress. Logic has 0 power over my gut feeling. Would I have any luck with that? Why do I want it so bad?”

Astrology perspective.

  • being an actress=manipulate public to make them believe in your acting=Moon-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius the 7th House;
  • actress=playing roles=Sun-Neptune conjunction in the 10th House (career);
  • actress=woman not like others (unless you’re born in an actor’s family)=Venus-Uranus conjunction;
  • actress=pretending someone else as a profession=Saturn in the 12th House;
  • actress=earning money by influencing others=ruler of the South Node Jupiter in the 2nd House (familiar experience from previous lives).

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