Reddit case: 20 years of unstable short-lived relationships

The question:

“The fact is I’m nearly 40 never married, lived in several countries, had lots of short-lived relationships with different people, and cultural backgrounds fell deeply in love, and most of the time they left me suddenly. It has been traumatic for me as I don’t seem to grasp what is wrong with being so easily dumped.”

Astrology perspective.

Your sense of safety (Moon), that is what feels safe to you, is influenced by :

  • Aquarius (speedy changes) and Sagittarius (expansion) via Moon in aspect with Uranus in conjunction with South Node in Sagittaries: these energies are well-known from past lives, especially in the circumstances of the 7th House (relationships);
  • Aries (hurt) and Capricorn (constant) via Moon in aspect with Mars-Saturn conjunction.

It seems like you change places where you live and unconsciously find partners that will hurt you because they will leave to feel safe. If you find a way to feel safe by surrounding yourself with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, and Capricorn energies at home (Moon), there is a big chance your partners will stop running away to make you feel safe. It can be done by choosing products that correlate with these energies to perform Moon functions – eating, sleeping, relaxing.

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