Reddit case: low energy, trouble securing a job.

The full question (author’s grammar).

“Having trouble securing a job, making money, and very low on energy.

After the saturn jupiter conjunction in aquarius 2020 i got into investing for long term and i noticed i started seeing more money come towards me. But im still having a trouble securing a job. I dont do well with 9-5 most my jobs have been temp jobs working from home.

Im also recently diagnosed on the spectrum (autistic) i think this might be my jupiter detriment in gemini. I do have communication issues as well.

Im also very consistently low on energy, i can only expend energy in spurts and then i feel drained. Its just a struggle, i just need some advice or know where in my chart i can remedy anything and get things flowing easier in my life. I think my taking up investing has helped change the direction for me when it comes to money and being more disciplined but i dont quite have it figured out to master my 2nd house.”

The natal chart:

The astrological perspective.

I wouldn’t blame Jupiter for the autistic diagnosis because it rules Sagittarius which is a fire sign, which means a lot of emotions, more on the intellectual side (what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s according with values, and what’s not), but it still a pretty dramatic sign. Sun in Virgo in conjunction with South Node and Lilith in the 11th House looks more like a candidate for an autism vibe: you brought an experience of a very intellectual and methodical approach to everything, especially material resources (money and so on) – Sun in the square with Uranus-Saturn conjunction.

And about energy level. You have a built-in accumulator – Pluto in the 1st House ruled by Scorpio. You need to push yourself and your body to an energy limit to get the energy. You’re getting energized by working hard or, at least, giving your body the impression that you do work hard. You mentioned long-term investing – that’s what Scorpio is about by the way (and it’s also about your Moon-Venus conjunction). Pull resources together to accumulate and produce extra stuff. Relating to your body can be either draining physical exercises, or spiritual/energy/sexual practices.

Speaking of 9-5 jobs. It’s not a way for you to make money, so I’m not sure you should actually pursue it. The ruler of the 2nd House (money from your personal effort) is Jupiter in the 7th House; the ruler of the 10th House (money from you being a professional) is Sun in the 11th House. None of the planets ruling your money is about an ordinary job. Why not look at something where you can show your personality (Sun) or be an expert/guru (Jupiter)? You’re doing good with investments, why not tell other people how to do it?!

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