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“i embodied every horrible thing about my chart for a whole year. i was bed ridden with depression at an all time high to the point where my health is now suffering the lack of nutrition during that time. what do i need in my life to prevent this again? im lost
I am diagnosed ADHD so I tend to forget to eat and don’t really register that I am hungry. I would get lost in reading and I do still have a job so I would work hours and completely forget about eating and then only having energy to make something that didn’t have all the nutrients i needed”

The natal chart:

Astrological perspective:

The way we eat correlates with Moon, so “I don’t really register that I am hungry” may be a result of:

  • the need to have some kind of trance state when the mind is “switched off” to prevent disrupting connection to something bigger than humanity (like nature, religious beliefs, and so on) to feel safe and secure (Moon-Neptune aspect);
  • the need to “switch off” the mind to support some kind of transformation to get more resources (Moon-Pluto aspects with South Node in Scorpio);
  • fasting because of unconscious belief you need to be cautious about your resources to prevent their lack in the future (Moon-Saturn and Moon-Venus aspects with Moon in the 2nd House – resources and Saturn/Venus in the 11th House – future and planning).
    To make things better with eating habits I would recommend adding Pisces, Scorpio, and Capricorn energies to your food consumption and home environment in general.

ADHD is most likely has to deal with your 1st House energy profile – there is a lot of fire (Asc in Leo, plus Mars and Sun which all equal to impulse, activity) and air (Sun-Mercury conjunction with Uranus opposition – the need for constant change, circulation) with the very well known from previous lives need to push yourself to the limits to get a new quality (Sun-Pluto aspect with South Node in Scorpio). It is worth considering trying some physical activity that combines Aries and Aquarius energies (activity in the air, just a lot of different kinds of activity, physical activity mixed with intellectual tasks) – trampolining, running/fast walking combined with shooting/fighting, and so on.

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