Reddit case: bad luck?

Full question: “Is there anything in my chart that indicates some bad luck? Because for about 3 years it has been bad luck and misfortune and very limited moment of pure happiness. It’s scary because I am not even 20 yet so imagine what will happen to me when I hit my 20s.”

The natal chart:

Astrological perspective:

There is no bad luck in your chart, but it doesn’t mean you have an easy life. Here are some indicators in your natal chart that contribute to what you call a “bad luck”:

  • your sense of safety and security (Moon), ability to be satisfied with life, money and your feminine role (Venus) are connected to situations of transformation (Moon-Venus conjunction in the 8th House) through crisis and challenges. The events that cause these ups and downs shouldn’t really stay long, but there are many of them, and they are most likely related to resources of any kind – money, vitality (Uranus in the 2nd House squares Moon-Venus conjunction);
  • you brought a lot of experience in going through tough times to become stronger and better from your past lives (South Node is in Scorpio). That also “pushes” you psychologically to choose the hard way – it’s familiar, and as such unconsciously feels easier;
  • Lilith (distortion, illusions, blind spot) in Cancer (emotions, adaptation, relaxation) with aspects to Sun (self-identification) and Moon makes it difficult to understand your needs and be ok with emotions. Lilith also sits close to the 7th House, so it may affect your relationships with others disturbingly.

I would suggest productively using all these cool features by using those energies consciously. To start you can add some Scorpio (black, dark red colors, gothic style, sexuality, amulets, anything related to death) and Aquarius (a lot of air, intellectual approach, spinning objects, neon colors, outer space, plasma lamps, humor, abstraction, futuristic) energy to your home/eating/sleeping environment and your appearance. That would send your unconsciousness signals that you’re safe and living in contact with energies that are natural for you.

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