Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 3)

Time to look at Jason’s side of family compatibility with Chrishell. Would Jason feel comfortable raising kids and living together with his employee?

Jason’s Moon is in Aquarius. I will use my Astro compatibility guide you can download for free to find out is there a connection between Jason’s sense of safety and security and Chrishells’s personality, image, and sexuality.

Both Chrishell’s Sun and Mars are in Cancer, so I can hit both personality and sexuality with one stone.

And we see that there is no connection between Aquarius and Cancer. Yikes!

Maybe there is something about Chrishell’s public image and how she is perceived by others that touch strings of Jason’s comfort zone?

Yes, indeed! Chrishell’s way to present her in public fits Jason’s idea of what kind of wife he wants. It’s not that strong, but it’s something very helpful to have. If Jason and Chrishell would stay together Jason would need them to go out together all the time to keep this sense of comfort and safety living with Chrishell. With their lifestyle, it wouldn’t be difficult.

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