Jason & Chrishell: was it about a baby? (Part 2)

After looking at our celebrities’ energy safety and security profiles in general, let’s find out are they are compatible on the level of living under one roof, waking up together, and bringing up kids? Let’s start with Chrishell and how she would feel about Jason in daily life together.

I’ll use my own Astro compatibility guide you can download for free to see what’s family (Moon) compatibility with Jason looks like for Chrishell.

Chrishell’s Moon is in Pisces, let’s look at Jason’s Sun and see if Chrishell has a connection with Jason’s personality.

Not really, because Jason’s Sun is in Aries, which doesn’t have a connection with Pisces.

What about the connection on the level of Jason’s appearance, image, his public presence?

Nothing is exciting there as well – zero connectivity.

Maybe Chrishell has a big attraction to Jason’s sexuality and this lover role?

Chrishell’s Moon and Jason’s Mars are both in Pisces, which means for Crhishell there is something about Jason that makes her react to him, that is, there is compatibility. But unfortunately, this kind of compatibility is not healthy and viable for family life because Jason will be too active (Mars) in situations when Chrishell needs relaxation and is able to be emotional (Moon).

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