Natal chart manifestation: Ann Marie Danimus

One of the keystones of Ann Marie Danimus platform is no money from corporations because it’s unethical. Direct quote from her tweet: “Cathy McMorris Rodgers has taken MILLIONS of unethical dollars. I won’t take one penny from corporations. EVER. That stops with me.”

Where do we see in the natal chart?

Venus in Leo in conjunction with Lilith and square from Neptune: Ann Marie Danimus idea of making money may look like this “It would be great to get money just because I’m beautiful (Venus in Leo, Lilith conjunction) with no obligations of giving anything back (Neptune square). Or “I won’t take (Venus in conjunction with Lilith) unethical money (Neptune square) from corporations and I want everyone to know that (Venus in Leo) and like me because of that.”

This idealistic approach to money is also supported by Jupiter (ideal, perfect) square with Sun-Mercury-Mars (public speaker, fighter) conjunction in Cancer (care).

Unfortunately, Ann Marie Danimus time of birth is not known to the public, so we don’t know if her voters will appreciate her idea of an ideal politician.

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