Who Dan O’Dowd does actually fight with?

According to Politico Dan O’Dowd is running for Senate to destroy Elon Musk.

It often happens that the reason for a fight against someone is not that person, but the fighter’s own demons which they don’t want to admit. And demons are not real demons, of course. It’s a type of energy a person feels connected to but has a very narrow understanding of that energy that leads to denying it on the whole. And when you deny something, you have no control over it, but you are still connected to it and it will be present in your life. And most likely the manifestation will be ugly because the Universe wants you to notice the energy you are pushing away. As we know people are much more responsive to the stick than the carrot.

So, let’s look at our subjects’ natal charts and see how they both understand the world and what energies they are connected to on a deep level. Dan O’Dowd’s birth time is not known, so we’re limited a bit in our research, but still can conduct it.

First of all, I look at Moon because it shows a person’s picture of the world and who they really are deep inside. At first glance, subjets’ Moons don’t have that much in common.

Dan’s Moon is in Libra, Elon’s is in Virgo, signs that don’t have a lot of similarities. But when you look at Dan’s Moon ruler Venus, you’ll find out that it is Virgo, in conjunction with Pluto (the same energy as Elon’s Moon in the 8th House) and with Mercury (hello Virgo again).

Elon’s Moon has a square with Venus in Gemini which is the same energy as Dan’s Moon in Libra (aerial Venus). Both Moons also have light aspects with Mercury and Sun (Dan’s Moon -via Mercury-Venus-Pluto-Sun conjunction).

As we see, both guys have Moon under Virgo (technology), Libra (understanding of other people’s interests, ability to negotiate, to be liked by the public), Scorpio (other people’s resources, accumulation of money), and Leo (far from being shy, likable and dependent of likes from people) influence.

In addition, their North Nodes (what should be tried, experienced) are in conjunction with Mars (activity, impulse, leadership, entrepreneurship, aggression). Elon’s North Node is in Aquarius, so he supposedly has to try not to be selfish and push himself as an influencer (he had this kind of experience in his past lives), but to be a leader without making himself the star of the show. Dan’s North Node is in Libra, so he supposedly needs to learn how to cooperate with others in his fights, or fight, not for his own sake, but for the interest of the public.

Overall, I would say there are two possible energies that O’Dowd doesn’t accept in himself which results in Elon Musk’s crusade. It’s either Leo (Dan can’t stand Elon’s popularity because he would like to be that popular himself) or Scorpio (Dan is jealous of Elon’s luck in using collective money for accumulating his personal wealth). In any case, Dan O’Dowd running for Senate to fight with himself, not Elon Musk. Let’s see where it’ll bring Dan.

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