No coincidence: Brooklyn shootings

Sky chart for the date and time of the Brooklyn subway shootings on 4/12/22:

Moon in opposition with Saturn-Mars conjunction: officials (Saturn) perceived as a threat (Mars and conjunction) to the sense of safety and security (Moon).

Sun (self-identity) is in Aries (impulse) with Pluto (on the edge of life, many victims) square and Pluto is in Capricorn (again, feeling danger from the officials).

Lilith (illusions, blind spot) in the Gemini (transportation) has light aspects (support) for what’s going on with:

  • the feeling of threat to the sense of safety and security (Moon);
  • self-identity (a fighter with the corrupt government – Aries Sun in the square with Capricorn Pluto);
  • impulse (Mars) of aggression aimed at the Mayor (Saturn – formal power) which also manifests as a person acting as a powerful (Saturn) guy with a gun (Mars) to be a better official for everyone (Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius).

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