Jewelry Astro marathon – Cancer

Cancer vibe is about feeling safe and secure, naturalness, home, care, and coziness.

In jewelry design, it manifests via:

  • Colors: white, pearl, pale shadows of other colors
  • Gems/crystals: moonstone, pearl, white coral, other soft gems/crystals 
  • Materials: silver
  • Plants: lotus, water lilies, watermelons, melons, cucumbers, willow
  • Animals/birds/insects: cow, frog, snail, duck, cat
  • Mythology: Diana, Selena, Artemis, Isis, Khonsu, Taurt, Sarasva, Mani
  • Rune: Berkana
  • Tarot: The Empress
  • More: water, milk, Moon

Examples of Cancer emitting jewelry:

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