Jewelry Astro marathon – Taurus

Taurus vibe is about material beauty, sufficiency, satisfaction, and stability.

In jewelry design, it manifests via:

  • Colors: pink, green
  • Gems: all polished gemstones; emerald, beryl, malachite, spinel
  • Materials: copper
  • Plants: daffodils, violets
  • Animals/birds/insects: dove, partridge, crane/stork, rabbit
  • Mythology: Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Freya
  • Rune: Fehu
  • Tarot: Empress
  • More: sweet smell, tasty and satisfying food

Any jewelry bought for investment purposes also relates to Taurus.

Examples of Taurus emitting jewelry:

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