Jewelry Astro marathon

Venus in the natal chart represents the ability to be a partner, connect to resources, make choices, charm others, give a form/shape to everything, see and create beauty, and enjoy the material side of life. Whenever you deal with jewelry (choose, wear, collect, give, and so on) you enhance all these abilities that are beneficial to anyone.

Let’s run a short astrology jewelry marathon. I’ll describe each sign’s vibe so you can use astrology to elevate your Venus talents and skills by choosing jewelry that’s right for you.
To find out what sign influences your Venus you need to know:

  • Venus sign;
  • Venus House;
  • Venus’ major aspects (conjunction, square, opposition, trine, sextile) with other planets.

To find out what sign influences your Venus via placement (House) and aspects, use this chart:

If you don’t know your Venus indications, use free a free natal chart builder that gives a word description of placements (you can use for example), put your info in, and read what the description says about your Venus sign, House, and aspects.

If you don’t know your time of birth, put any time you want or chose “time unknown” or a similar option, it won’t affect the calculation of your Venus sign or its aspects. You won’t get Venus House, but sign and aspect will give you the information you can use to accumulate and use Venus energy to your benefit.

After you define signs that influence your Venus, read the related post with sign vibe description and jewelry examples. If you already have the jewelry you feel fits the vibe, start to use it more often. If you don’t have jewelry that resembles the signs that influence your Venus – get one and wear it!

The important part of any astrology journey is to reflect on what you’ve done and what has changed since you introduced something new in your life. So set up a reminder to revisit your life regarding Venus areas of life in a few months and see if something has changed in your finances, relationships, self-representations, and connections. Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

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