Gender identity vs body: Victoria Kolakowski

Victoria is the first openly transgender person to serve as a trial court judge of general jurisdiction in the United States, the first elected to a judgeship, and the first to serve as any type of judge in California. She assumed the office more than 10 years ago.

Both gender planets, Moon, South Node ruler, and South Node ruler sign are male signs. Sun is in female sign with female planet conjunction. So it looks like an overwhelmingly male gender influence in the chart, but an interesting thing is the ruler of South Node is Uranus which has conjunction with Lilith, which can play out as a blind spot and distortion that complicates the access to the past life experiences. Also, Lilith brings some confusion to the Leo sign, which may affect the understanding of your own personality and ideas of the way you want other people to see you.

Moon doesn’t seem to have a direct connection with Pluto, although Pluto is the minor ruler of Aries. But I think that wouldn’t really contribute to transformation being a part of life. We don’t know the House placement of the Moon and Pluto, there is still a chance the Moon belongs to the 8th House and Pluto – to the first House which would have more impact on the chance of deep transformation than the Moon in Aries.

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