Kamala Harris and her Lilith

The Hill published the article “Will Kamala Harris rank as one of the worst VPs in history?” Media blames Vice President for her “word-salad speeches”. Where do they come from? My guess is they are tricks played by Lilith in Capricorn in the 7th House.

The most illustrative is one of Kamala’s recent speeches where she mentioned the “significance of the passage of time” four times in less than 30 seconds. In natal charts time is represented by Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Mercury represents speech. And Lilith manifests itself as some kind of distortion, issues with the sense of proportions, blind spot. So, in VP’s case, we see that when she is in public (7th House) acting as an elected official (Capricorn) her speech (Mercury) is affected by Lilith (Mercury has an aspect with Lilith). It pushes Kamala Harris to create a literal obscure Capricorn vibe by mentioning time (Capricorn) 4 times in less than a minute.

In the article, the authors compare Kamala with another VP, Dan Quayle who was known for “oratorical flubs”. Let’s do the same.

Although Quayle’s Lilith is not in the 8th House it’s in Capricorn and has conjunction with Venus, the signifier of the 7th House and the planet of the 7th House. So Dan’s Lilith also comes into play when he is speaking (Venus has an aspect with Mercury) as an elected official. I would also pay attention to the fact that both Harris and Quayle’s Mercuries are in conjunction with Sun, so there is a need to make the speech unforgettable. And Lilith helps with that, but not in a way that they probably like.

I found another person in power with Lilith in Capricorn in the 7th House and Sun-Mercury conjunction. It’s the only Canadian female Prime Minister Kim Campbell. Here is her natal chart next to Kamala’s chart:

Both women share Lilith in Capricorn in the 7th House, Sun-Mercury conjunction, Lunar Nodes sings, Venus influenced by Pluto and Uranus, and light Moon-Mars aspect. What is different, though, Kim’s Mercury-Sun conjunction has no direct influence from Lilith. But taking into consideration that it has a square from Uranus in the 12th House, I would say it could have a similar crazy, difficult to realize influence on the Sun-Mercury conjunction because the Aquarius-Pisces mixture is pretty similar to Lilith vibe.

Despite the similarity in natal chart indications, Kim Campbell never had problems with bizarre speeches. Why is that? Because she is not Kim actually. Her real name is Avril Phaedra Douglas but when she was a teenager she gave herself a nickname – Kim which brought her to success in politics. I think she did it because her Sun is in Pisces with the square from Uranus in the 12th House that I mentioned before. Kim had a need for some illusion and is not like others and she created it for herself. People would call it smart, I would say it’s about knowing your true self and finding a productive way to get what you need. Picking up a nickname was an elegant solution but it wasn’t enough to keep the Prime Minister title for even a half of year. Let’s find out why.

Wikipedia tells the following story. When Campbell was running for the party leadership, her frank honesty was seen as an important asset and a sharp contrast to Mulroney’s highly polished style. However, this backfired when she told reporters at a Rideau Hall event that it was unlikely that the deficit or unemployment would be much reduced before the “end of the century”. During the election campaign, she further stated that discussing a complete overhaul of Canada’s social policies in all their complexities could not be done in just 47 days; this statement was reduced to her having stated that an election is no time to discuss important issues.

So when Cambell was dead serious and honest (Capricorn traits) she lost her popularity because her 7th House (love of the public) depends on Lilith’s manifestation. Doing something contrary to the polish political style of your opponent is an unexpected, creative move. I’m pretty sure that some people called it crazy and wrongly predicted Kim will fail with such an approach. But she did gain popularity. Her problem was being too much serious and too realistic. That’s how regular Capricorn energy works. But when it has Lilith involved, you need to bring some craziness to your political style otherwise you’ll end up with “time passage” speeches and a reputation you don’t really deserve.

If Kamala Harris wants to improve her presentation skills and get rid of bizarre moments while still being an official, I would recommend she come up with a productive way to infuse some good craziness in her public appearances. Otherwise, she will end up at the top of the worst VPs in history despite all her great talents and skills.

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