Gender identity vs body: Chaz Bono

A girl named Chastity after a film produced by his father with her mother starring as a bisexual woman realized she was a lesbian at 13 and transitioned to a man by his early 40s.

Chaz Bono has been an LGBTQ rights activist, made a documentary film about his transition that was bought by Oprah Winfrey Network. He is known also for his role in the American Horror Story. On his Instagram account, he wrote “it should be a scary good time for all” about the last movie he worked on. That’s all looks a lot like his Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 9th House with opposition for Sun.

Both gender planets and South Node in male signs. Additionally, the South Node’s sign has conjunction with two planets that represent male energies. Considering that the 4th, 8th, and 12th Houses have a connection via aspects of their rulers, I would suggest Chaz has more access to past life experiences than an average person.

Both Moon and Sun are in female signs. Moon in addition has conjunction with Pluto which adds another “female point” to our scoreboard and shows a capability of going through a significant transition.

Overall, I would say, Chaz’s gender identity is influenced more by his past life experiences and gender planets.

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