Instead of Oscar 2022 incident

With all the IT humankind has developed in recent decades society finally has got an opportunity to accumulate the mental energy of millions of people by bringing topics to learn and discuss simultaneously across the globe. What do we use this powerful feature for? Endless discussions of celebrities’ lives. The wast majority of celebrities relate to creating some kind of illusions: movies, songs, shows, and so on. They represent and promote Pisces energy. I do love Pisces and its vibe but as humankind, we are leaving Pisces and transitioning to the Aquarius age. Why not use at least part of the power of collective discussion to stimulate and promote Aquarius values – science, research, progress?! Why do we need to be stuck in the past and contribute our energy to extraordinary but still individuals? Why not think about how we can bring a better future for all of us faster by concentrating our attention on something that relates to everyone, not just famous and fabulous. They all are doing great already, let’s help others to do better by making scientific discoveries hot news that everyone wants to know and talk about. The more people will understand, practice, and be involved in science on different levels from fans to Nobel prize laureates, the faster significant changes will come to our lives.

Here is my Aquarius story with Pisces touch (I told you, I love Pisces) of today. Have you heard about ASMR videos yet? I had no idea about those till today. Scientists try to understand why only some people have what is called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), a tingling sensation triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli that usually begins on the scalp moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. Among stimuli that bring some people a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin are: lower-pitched, complex sounds, and slow-paced, detail-focused videos.

More about the nature and research about ASMR you can find in Dr. Todd Grande’s video. The recent development in research is covered in this article from Science Daily.

As an astrologer, I think that people who respond to ASMR stimuli are most likely will have their Moon (sensations) and/or Venus (skin) or Mars (head) influenced by Pisces via sign or House placement or aspect with Neptune. Especially Moon influenced by Pisces can manifest through depression, introversion, and high sensitivity that people with the condition share according to the research. It would be great if the researchers included astrologers in their teams.

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