Possible signals that your sense of safety and security may include Gemini elements:

– you hang out on social networks as a user;

– you have regular hangouts at home or have an occasional acquaintance who lives there;

– you like to spend time outside rather than stay at home;

– you get your fix from traveling around your home country;

– you get your fix from courses that don’t end in you applying the skills/knowledge/connections you’ve acquired;

– you communicate easily with strangers and have no issues keeping it informal;

– you have discipline problems;

– you can’t keep secrets;

– you constantly moving around;

– you’re up for anything.

Note: One cannot reach a definitive conclusion as to how the unconscious model of a person’s world is arranged based on just one signal. The whole picture, that is, the natal chart and the person, must be taken into consideration. 

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