Gemini – transmitter of information

Gemini filters the senses and consciousness by allowing only the things that don’t get in the way of learning about the world and sharing information. Unlike Virgo, Gemini does not care about usefulness or convenience, it collects everything without hanging on to anything. Gemini is not in the business of processing facts or verifying the truth, they learn information and pass it on to others as it comes. A typical example of Gemini energy is “reposting” on social media.  

Gemini is responsible for the pursuit of learning, novelty, changing form without changing content, and knowledge. They are able to do many things at once (multitasking), are great at creating/participating in word-of-mouth communication, and are responsible for agility, quickness, and effortlessness. 

Typical Gemini occupations include retail (reselling the creations of others), transportation, journalism, social media, and advertising.  

Among the unpleasant aspects of Gemini are theft, trickery, mental ruminations, and superficiality.

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